Graphic Design Services & Common Terminology

Custom Label Graphic DesignWe offer graphic design services for customlabels, decals, stickers, domed labels and decals, wine labels, embossed foil seals and embossed foil anniversary seals. Our Graphic Artists specialize in custom label, decal and embossed seal design.

We utilize a PC platform and can create or recreate any type of custom label design. Our extensive software selection, typeface libraries and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to create the perfect custom label, decal or embossed seal for your unique application.

We are able to accept your existing digital artwork and prepare it for the perfect label, decal or embossed seal. Refer to our artwork specs below, for tips on sending digital files.

Just have a rough idea? NO PROBLEM! Just fax or email us a sketch and our staff will prepare a draft for your approval.

Artwork Specs
Your design layout should accurately reflect the true trim size and reflect all applicable Government Regulations. Remember to plan colour for printability. If you do not have graphic design capability, we offer graphic design services at very reasonable prices.

Anytime the ink extends to within 1/8″ of the edge of the label it is considered a bleed and applicable charges will apply. The space between the edge of the image and the edge of the label is the printing margin. We require the art to be set up with a 1/8″ printing margin (unless a bleed is what you want). Artwork will be automatically reduced if it is not provided with the necessary margin and a bleed is not requested.

A reverse is when the image is accomplished by the label stock colour showing through the ink coverage. Many times the art bleeds off the edge of the label creating the appearance of the label stock being the colour of the imprint.

When dealing with a label which involves more than one ink colour, the following are a few things to keep in mind:

  • the art must be colour separated with the copy position and colours clearly marked with crop marks or a key line. We can normally separate artwork that does not touch or overlap.
  • the exact placement of an image is especially noticeable with successive colours as they are printed one after another to produce a complete multi-colour image. With the flexographic process, our printing plates can shift 1/64″. This means that if the art is set up so that the colours are butted up against each other, the colours may gap or overlap up to 1/64″ on the final printed label.
  • when dealing with CRV (Close Registration Variance) you may want to consider setting the art up with trapping to avoid gaps between your colours. Trapping is when you add a stroke to the art of each colour to compensate for the plate shift. You will want to keep in mind that our inks are translucent (water based inks). When two ink colours overlap there may be a colour distortion depending on what colours are used.

A screen is made up of a series of dots best seen through a magnifying glass which give the ink a shaded effect. Our best line screen is 65-85 lines per inch, 20% – 80% tint and 60 degree angle. Your supplied art needs to be at these specifications if supplied as negative or black and whites. If supplied on disk, however, it can be at any angle because it is not scanned, but other specs still apply.

We can create PostNet, FIM, UPC(A), UPC(E), EAN-13, EAN-8, ISBN, ISSn, Code 39, Code 25, ITF, ITF-14, Codabar and CODE 128. Please check with our art department regarding different applications, characteristics and limitations for each type of barcode. If the barcode stays the same on each label it is priced as a normal label – not a consecutive barcode label. For best scanability, the barcode should always be printed in black on white stock. If camera ready art is supplied we cannot reduce or enlarge it.

Clean-ups & Manipulations
We perform minor clean-ups at no charge. If the clean-up requires extensive work it is charged at $95 per hour with a minimum charge of $35. We must review your artwork to determine if we can perform a clean-up or manipulation. We will not perform extensive clean-ups without contacting you for permission.

Camera Ready
This term refers to copy and/or artwork that is ready to be photographed in order to make a plate. Black and white is always preferred. Other colours or negatives may not reproduce as well. NOTE: copy may not reproduce from a silver, gold, red fluorescent or coloured background as the entire image may reproduce black. Also, thermography or raised lettering may not reproduce satisfactorily.

We can use negatives for your custom labels but recommend that you send black and white camera ready art or a digital file. Using negatives causes the art to lose a generation and may not be reproduced with the best quality.

Digital Files/Electronic Art
We can accept data on CD ROM. or by Email. Contact one of our Customer Service Representatives. We do not accept 5.25″ floppy disks, JAZ disks or 200 megabyte Syquest disks. Please remember to include any unusual font suitcase. The art must be set up in spot colours unless it is a full colour process job. When sending a JPEG, GIF or BMP you must provide it in at least 300 dpi. However, we prefer that artwork not be sent in these formats.

Acceptable Formats
Adobe Illustrator, EPS, PDF or CorelDRAW files are preferred. Please contact our art department if you wish to send data in other formats. We do not work with MS Publisher files.