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Create your own unique QR code for custom QR code labels and stickers!

Sticky Business QR Code

Create QR code labels and stickers with calendar events for special sales, dates or promotions or with contact information like a virtual business card.
QR codes can contain a simple Email address or phone number, your geographic location, SMS messages, text messages or web urls. For locations with public wifi access – create a QR code for wifi access!

If you do not already have a FREE QR code reader app installed on your mobile phone or device, simply search for “QR Code Reader” in your specific mobile app store (such as iTunes or the Google Store). There are plenty of FREE apps available. It’s simple!

How to Use The QR Code Generator:
1. Select the Type of QR code your would like to generate from the drop down “Content Type” menu
2. Fill out the required fields (use the vertical or horizontal scrollbars to see more of the page).
3. Choose the size of image (**Note: Large or X-Large are best for printing from – we can resize the image later)
4. Click the “Generate” button
5. Download the .eps file and save it in a memorable location on your computer hard drive.


This amazing QR code generator courtesy of Esponce

This amazing QR code generator belongs to Esponce