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What is a QR code?

QR Code Generator - Create Your QR Code NowQR stands for Quick Response. QR codes are two-dimensional bar codes readable by dedicated QR bar code readers and most new camera phones. Wikipedia describes their appearance as “black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.”
More importantly, a QR code can be customized to display all sorts of data to the user, such as web pages, video or slide show presentations. A QR code may input a company’s contact information directly into the database of the user’s phone. They can link to quote forms, petitions, shopping sites, tour schedules, important production or pricing information. You may need each of your labels to contain a unique QR code. Check out our variable data QR codes page for more info.

How to use a QR code?

Url QR CodeQR codes can be read on most new camera equipped mobile devices and phones through an internal software application. Many phones come with QR reader “apps” included as a part of the camera software, while others – like the iPhone and newer iPods require a QR reader “app” to be installed through the iTunes store. Free QR code reader applications are available for almost every camera equipped mobile device. “Reading” the bar code is as simple as pointing your camera directly at the code. The bar code is quickly “processed” and the phone or device will then display whatever information is embedded in the code. In short, the QR code is really a “more” button designed to show the user whatever you want them to see.

Why Use a QR code?

QR codes are now widely used on a variety of print media and can be seen on virtually everything from magazines, newspapers to transit stops and billboard advertising. QR codes offer a valuable opportunity to engage with potential customers while they are out and about, browsing or shopping. Imagine having an extra few moments to make that first impression. Many advertising campaigns have gone “viral” due to the effective placement of a QR Code.

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Marketing with QR codes:

Since QR codes are customizable, sending a potential customer directly to a corporate website, a YouTube video, a download page, a petition, promotion, event or a newsletter sign up page is easy. Instant or SMS text messaging can also be initiated through a QR code making instant communication with a customer service representative possible. QR codes can offer simple discount or promotional information or connect people with a map to your location.

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QR Code Generator - Create Your QR Code Now

Custom QR Code Label pricing is based on the size and shape, type of adhesive, number and type of of ink colours, protective coating, label finishing and quantity required.

Keep in mind that we can produce virtually any type of label design but the QR code itself should be black printed on a white background in order for it to be read properly by QR reader software. There is, however, a variance tolerance for QR codes (unlike other varieties of bar codes). If you would like to customize the look of the actual QR code we suggest testing it well before printing.

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QR Code Generator - Create Your QR Code Now

QR Codes can be customized to provide valuable information to your customers. We have provided some examples below of just a few ways to design a QR code label. If you have a QR code reader installed in your phone or mobile device, you can try these codes out by hovering your camera over any of these images and watch where your camera takes you. It’s that easy!