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Car window stickers need to be seen but not be distracting to the driver. Substrate, size and placement are key to a successful car window decal that serves its intended purpose while not compromising driver visibility.

Clear substrates and white or light coloured inks are often used for car window stickers. Exterior window decals are often best printed in lighter colours as the interior of the vehicle typically appears dark. Lighter ink colours offer contrast against dark backgrounds which aids visibility.

Car Window Sticker

Designing Car Window Stickers

When designing a sticker for car window placement it is important to consider a few things. Who is the decal for – passing drivers or pedestrians? Is the decal meant to be a reminder for the driver? Does it need to be seen by a security guard or parking attendant? Or is it to warn potential intruders that the car has a security alarm? Perhaps the decal is more “for fun” rather than having a specific practical task.

The answers to these questions will help you determine the best placement for your sticker. Whether it should be placed on the inside window facing out, or facing in – if it should be on the driver or passenger side windshield – or if it should be placed on a side window. Knowing where the decal is likely to be placed will help you determine the optimum size, shape and ink colours for your project.

Remember – static cling decals are intended for interior use. An exterior sticker should have a standard permanent adhesive that will withstand the elements, wind and abrasion.
CALL TOLL FREE 1-866-474-1095

CALL TOLL FREE 1-866-474-1095

Car window sticker pricing is based on the size and shape, type of adhesive, number and type of ink colours, protective coating, decal finishing and quantity required. We call these specifications “The Great Eight” and with them, we can provide an accurate quote for your custom job.

Keep in mind that we can produce any type of car window sticker for interior or exterior use. We are a custom shop ready to work with your unique requirements.

If colour matching is a concern, just give us your special Pantone number(s) or send us a colour sample. Our print specialists will work to ensure vibrant, accurate colour every time.


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