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Asset Labels

Asset labels, property identification labels and asset tags are often used for the identification and cataloging of company property, supplies and equipment. They may be consecutively or variable numbered, bar coded or left blank for handwritten data.

Asset tags can be placed on indoor equipment such as computer terminals, desks, chairs and office furniture. For indoor use, a paper label is often a good solution for this task when weather resistance is less of a necessity.

Asset tags or stickers can also be weather-resistant for exterior applications that will identify equipment or supplies that are kept outdoors or in more severe interior environments.

If your business requires supplies and equipment identification, an asset tag or label is an excellent solution. We provide professional printing services for light or heavy industrial use.

CALL TOLL FREE 1-866-474-1095

CALL TOLL FREE 1-866-474-1095

Custom ASSET TAG pricing is based on the size and shape, type of adhesive, number and type of ink colours, protective coating, finishing, quantity and numbering specifications. Keep in mind that we can produce any type of Asset label or tag that you need. We are a custom shop ready to work with your unique requirements.

Our label experts are happy to send you a detailed quote based on your specifications, often within the same day. It couldn’t be easier – just call us TOLL FREE at 1-866-474-1095 or fill out our online ASSET TAG QUOTE request form.

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CALL TOLL FREE 1-866-474-1095

Serial numbered, consecutive numbered or barcode labels are extremely useful for inventory control, parking permits, tracking and tracing, part identification and many other applications. Serial numbers can be printed sequentially – starting and finishing at any number you require. Variable numbered or combined alpha numeric data labels can be printed at your request. All we need is an Excel file with the data you require.

For barcode label printing, it’s important to know what type is required for your specific application. There are a few common barcode types. UPC barcodes are commonly used for retail purposes and are scannable by most POS systems. Other barcode data types are code 128, code 39 and code 29. We always recommend barcodes are printed on a white background with a dark ink for contrast and conform to the specific size requirements of their type.

How you choose to track assets will determine the type of data encoding or numbering scheme that is best. If you have any questions regarding barcode types, here is a good Wikipedia resource on the subject.