Why vector artwork is best for label printing

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A vector logo is created in a professional graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Vector graphics are preferred by label printers because they provide the greatest degree of control over color and resolution. Adobe Illustrator LogoA vector format file can be easily edited to reflect changes in wording, fonts and color. Elements can be moved around and manipulated or removed completely if required. There is no limitation on sizing since a vectored logo can be shrunk or enlarged to any size and still maintain a high degree of resolution.

The Pantone Color Match System

The additional benefit of vectored art files is that they allow individual colors in your design to be assigned a corresponding Pantone swatch code. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) was created to allow for color matching in all areas of print and design reproduction. When your vectored art file includes Pantone color information, it provides our print technicians with the data they need to color match your product. Without a Pantone color code to match to, color output can be inconsistent and left up to guesswork.

Pantone Color Swatch Book Pantone colors are usually specified in vector art files by graphic designers that have experience with print industry. They will use actual printed color swatch books – that look a lot like paint chips from a hardware store – to select and designate color in the digital art file. It is important to choose these colors from an actual color swatch book rather than selecting them from an on-screen program. Every monitor displays color a bit differently so it’s best not to rely on an on-screen representation of your color. As well, computer monitors use an entirely different color model that combines red, green and blue light to build color where physical printing presses use combinations of ink.

Providing vector artwork along with Pantone ink colors will help keep your branding consistent across the variety of printing jobs you may have. Investing a little bit up front will save you many possible headaches down the road.

Did you know?

We have a full service graphic design department that can help you convert your bitmap file to a print ready, vector graphic. If you would like us to provide an estimate for graphic design, just send us the files you have along with any changes you may need and we will give you a price range.